1 Lot of Epilepsy Drug Neurontin Is Recalled

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April 26, 2005 — The FDA and sedate company Pfizer have notified health care experts of Pfizer’s voluntary review of one lot (40,000 bottles) of 100 milligram capsules of the epilepsymedicationNeurontin.epilepsy medication Neurontin.

Pfizer issued the recall after a mechanical disappointment within the manufacturing process brought about in some bottles containing empty or mostly filled capsules, says a Pfizer news release dated April 22.

The recalled Neurontin capsules came from lot number 15224V, which was distributed in October and November 2004, says Pfizer.

The generation lot was only conveyed within the U.S. and no other Neurontin lots were influenced, according to Pfizer. The company says the review will not result in a shortage of Neurontin 100 milligram capsules.

Pfizer’s Exhortation for Patients

“It is conceivable that patients taking Neurontin to control epilepsy might involvement seizures from a missed dosage of the item,” says Pfizer’s news release.

“Patients ought to not halt taking Neurontin before consulting with their physician,” the news release proceeds. “If they filled a prescription for the item in 100 mg quality between October 1, 2004 and March 15, 2005 and are concerned that any unused capsules may be part of the recalled part, they ought to contact their drug specialist.”

Past Notice Issued to Pharmacists, Wholesalers

“Although pharmacists and Pfizer wholesalers were notified on February 23 of the recall and pharmacists were educating to instantly contact any of their clients using Neurontin, Pfizer needs to ensure full understanding awareness,” says Pfizer’s news release, adding that Pfizer “has worked closely with the FDA all through the review handle.”

The news discharge asks that customers call Pfizer’s medical data line ((800) 438-1985) with any questions approximately the recall.

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