High Altitudes May Aid Weight Loss

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Feb. 4, 2010 — Looking to jump-start your weight misfortune? You will want to head to higher ground.

Early investigate suggests that simply migrating to a higher elevation for a whereas can help overweight individuals shed some pounds.

That is precisely what happened when analysts in Germany took 20 middle-aged, obese men to the mountains for a week in a consider planned to help clarify altitude-related weight loss.

Past inquire about has connected being at very high altitudes with weight loss, but these ponders mostly involved climbers and skiers who were exceedingly active.

Since of this, it has been inconceivable to decide if elevation alone plays a part in weight misfortune, lead researcher Florian J. Lippl, MD, tells WebMD.

“We needed to see if being at modestly tall elevations impacted weight when there was no alter in movement levels or nourishment availability,” he says.

Mountain Living Led to Weight Loss

The men who took portion in the consider lived in Munich, which is around 1,740 feet above ocean level. Their average age was 56, they were all hefty (normal BMI=34), and they all had hazard variables for heart infection and diabetes as a result of being overweight.

They were subjected to a battery of tests while in Munich and once more after being relocated to a research station on Germany’s most noteworthy mountain, the Zugspitze, where they went through a week at an elevation of about 8,700 feet.

During their mountain remain, no restrictions were put on what the men ate or drank, but their exercise was limited to slow strolls inside the station.

Nourishment admissions and movement levels were closely observed, and follow-up testing was performed a month after the men returned domestic.

Amid their alpine week, the men lost an average of 3.5 pounds. Their weight still found the middle value of 2 pounds less than it had at the begin of the consider a month after their return from the mountain, Lippl says.

The men did eat less and take in less calories during their mountain stay, but calorie limitation alone did not clarify the weight misfortune.

They too burned more calories while on the mountain, indeed though they were no more active than they had been at home.

Work out Capacity Expanded

A month after returning home, the men were still burning slightly more calories than they had at the start of the think about, and their exercise capacity had moved forward significantly.

Work out capacity was measured by subjecting the men to a six-minute strolling test.

Lippl says the week spent on the mountain appeared to jump-start their digestion systems and make work out easier for the men.

“We don’t really get it why,” he says. “Exercising is difficult for people who are obese, but something approximately being at higher altitudes had a lasting impact on work out capacity in this group.”

The analysts hope to duplicate the ponder at indeed higher heights by taking the following group of consider members to a larger mountain in Italy.

University of Southern California physiology professor Richard N. Bergman, PhD, calls the research “preliminary but provocative.”

Bergman chairs the office of physiology and biophysics at USC’s Keck School of Medicine.

He focuses out that Colorado has the highest cruel height of any state in the U.S. and the lowest obesity rate, whereas states with tall rates of weight moreover tend to be located at lower rises.

“Maybe elevation has something to do with this,” he tells WebMD. We certainly can’t say that from this think about, but it is interesting.”

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