Lawn Mower Injuries Preventable

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June 1, 2007 — Terrible garden cutter wounds — all of them preventable — send 9,400 kids and teens to emergency rooms, a few therapeutic social orders caution.

How awful are the wounds? Just look at who’s sending out the caution: the American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the American Institute of Plastic Surgeons, and the American Foundation of Pediatrics.

“It never ceases to astound me how our crisis rooms continue to see the obliterating injuries that garden cutters can cause, ASRM President Lawrence Colen, MD, says in a news release.

“Fractional limb amputations, confront and eye injuries, and mutilating hand trauma caused by these machines can change the lives of the harrowed until the end of time,” Colen says.

The restorative social orders make a few security suggestions:

Keep children beneath the age of 6 inside when your yard, or an adjacent yard, is being mowed. Don’t let kids ride as passengers on mowers or let them be towed behind mowers. Do not let kids play on or around put away cutters. Do not let kids work mowers unless they appear you they have the quality and know-how to operate a cutter safely. Do not let a child operate a hand or power cutter until he or she is 12 years old. Do not let a child work a ride-on cutter until he or she is 16. Wear durable shoes — not sandals — amid cutting. Some time recently cutting, choose up stones, toys, and debris from the mowing range. Always wear eye and hearing protection amid cutting. Mower blades ought to be balanced by adults only. Do not pull backward on a mower or cut in invert. In case it’s absolutely necessary to do so, see carefully behind you before backing up a cutter.

“Grass mowers extremely harm thousands of children each year,” AAP President Jay. E. Berkelhamer, MD, says in the news release. “So many of these tragic injuries could have been anticipated with just some safeguards.”

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