New ‘Wave’ Technique May Mean No More Double Chins

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Sept. 14, 2001 — Wondering what to do along with your lunch hour today?

How around having that double chin removed — without surgery or torment?

Sound as well good to be true?

Well, that depends on who you ask.

The latest in body contouring involves the use of external ultrasound to break up fat cells, concurring to a Modern York City plastic surgeon. It may be a surgery-free elective to experiencing liposuction to expel overabundance body fat, and when used with conventional liposuction, the method can reduce complications and get at hard-to-treat regions, says Elliot Jacobs, MD, a board-certified plastic specialist at the Unused York Eye and Ear Infirmary and the Beth Israel Restorative Center in New York City.

Jacobs reports early success using external ultrasound, or sound waves, to help people remove small pockets of fat such as that annoying double chin or the fat underneath the upper arms.

Here’s how:

Plastic surgeons first inject a softening fluid into the problem region and after that they apply outside sound waves to the zone to murder abundance fat cells. The body’s natural forager cells then expel these dead cells. The strategy is done in-office, and Jacobs says the only distress comes from injecting the softening liquid.

The sound waves as it were enter about three-quarters of an inch beneath the surface of the skin, he says.

“The results are subtle,” he tells WebMD. “It’s not implied for major bulges and is used fundamentally on individuals in reasonable shape. You have it done and an hour later you’ll walk out and go back to work.”

The procedure costs around $1,500 per treatment and depending on the range, it may take two or three medications, he says. The strategy as a rule produces a circumferential distinction of one-quarter to one-half inch, which shows up in approximately a month’s time. When utilized with conventional liposuction, the sound waves soften fat, making it simpler for doctors to suction it out, Jacobs says.

Jacobs has performed the strategy on around 30 patients. “This is really cutting edge,” he says.

But Darrick Antell, MD, a Unused York City plastic surgeon, isn’t quite persuaded about the perks of the unused strategy.

“I don’t believe there are any studies that bolster that external ultrasound removes fat without liposuction,” he tells WebMD.

Antell occasionally uses internal ultrasound with liposuction in ranges where fat is thicker and more difficult to induce at with conventional liposuction gear.

To do this, an inner ultrasound test is inserted into fatty tissue and the best of the test vibrates at an awfully tall speed, causing fat cells to break-up.

“Ultrasound has its place and it’s a instrument,” he says. But “to tell someone merely can do this and it’ll replace standard liposuction may be a stretch,” he says.

And, “in the event that it did work, how do you control the depth of entrance? Will it go into your inside organs as well?” he inquires.

Jacobs says the ultrasound has been tested and will not penetrate deeper than three-quarters of an inch.

Ultrasound is not the as it were new fat-removal strategy being used. A few U.S. restorative surgeons are detailing exceptionally early success when they combine lasers with conventional liposuction.

So distant, so great, says Robert F. Jackson, MD, a corrective specialist in Marion and Indianapolis, Ind., and the president-elect of the American Academy of Corrective Surgery.

Jackson and a few others are using a low-level light to cause the fat cells to open up and discharge fat, he says. Then, they remove the fat via liposuction.

“Preparatory results show that the fat comes off less demanding, is more melted, and there appears to be much less bruising when the laser is utilized, and patients have much less torment,” he says.

The modern think about is endeavoring to confirm comes about by a Colombian plastic surgeon, and Jackson says they anticipate their inquire about to be concluded in late fall/early winter.

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