Women Predicted to Outrun Men

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Sept. 29, 2004 — The battle of the sexes may hit a turning point in 2156. That’s when a woman runner may outpace male competitors at that year’s Olympic Games.

So say analysts counting Andrew Tatem of the zoology office at England’s College of Oxford.

Tracking winning times within the 100 meter sprint held at Olympic Games over the past 100 years, Tatem and colleagues taken note that ladies runners are getting quicker and faster, picking up ground on their male peers.

In case that trend keeps pace, a lady should win the 100 meter race at the 2156 Olympics with a time of 8.079 seconds.

And the men? They’ll be some fractions of a second back, clocking in at 8.098 seconds by the researchers’ predictions.

It probably wouldn’t be a head-to-head standoff, since men and ladies compete independently right now.

A few experts say medicate utilize is powering women’s picks up, noticing that enhancements within the coordinated occasion have moderated with the appearance of drug testing.

But others say the sexual orientation gap can only contract as more ladies around the world get the chance to compete.

“Only time will tell whether in the 66th Olympiad the quickest human on the planet will be female,” type in the researchers within the Sept. 30 issue of Nature.


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